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Ab 2007 Volontariat bei der "tageszeitung" in Berlin, anschließend Redakteur im Ressort Innenpolitik.

When Trump recently fantasized about millions of illegal votes and accused the press of insufficiently reporting on terrorist attacks, it was Alex Jones that many could hear in those words. The same applies to the scientifically unsupportable claim, in which Trump believes, that vaccines lead to autism.

Right-wing radio host Alex Jones is America's top conspiracy theorist.

He has millions of listeners, but his most powerful one happens to be the president of the United States.

They include the alleged "secret plans" of major Internet companies to block conservative websites, and the "truth" about the radioactive contamination at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Jones is convinced that the global elites have formed an alliance against the United States to destroy the country.

"Jesus," Jones says with a groan, "where should we start? He disseminates this message five days a week on the Alex Jones Show, broadcast from Austin, Texas.

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