Forgiveness and forgiving communication in dating relationships

Bitterness is a silent killer of life and destroyer of marital destiny.Many marriages have been destroyed because one partner decided to harbour bitterness against the other. It stores itself in the soul, and slowly poisons the one who carries it.We are held in place by these attachments, and it becomes hard to transcend into higher vibrations.On a daily basis, it really helps to keep this in mind when encountering others.

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Namely negativity toward others who have involved with your Twin, especially those who have been romantic or sexual partners (go here to read more about * Tell them that you forgive them, and that you forgive them for any negativity they may have caused you.

This also helps your counterpart to move past the energetic pattern and actually behave differently and “better” in the future.* Consider the other person’s perspective – try to put yourself in their shoes, why did they do what they did, why did they say what they said?

There is usually a different explanation than what we’ve perceived from our perspective of anger.

But if you don’t feel ready yet, practice by forgiving others.

You’ll soon notice how much lighter and clearer you feel after practicing forgiveness.

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