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"Yes, one of the is your mother," Julie said with a smile, "and who do you think the other one is? "Your mother phoned me before you and your Dad arrived, and she told me she was sending Chico over with you, and asked me to look after him for her." "Ummm," Michelle stammered, studying the photo, "you? She also asked to see if you were similarly inclined, and having witnessed your actions in the kitchen, I knew you were.“I may be a bitch, but I am not YOUR bitch, so you will WALK back to my house SLOWLY... ' Michelle looked up to the corner of her room where the camera was hidden, and resisted the urge to flip it off.She wrestled with the emotions running through her brain, her feelings for Julie, her desire to know more about the secret side of her mother, and the pure lust that Julie and Chico had unleashed inside her.Momentálně používáte verzi chatu ve formátu Flash: je plně funkční a optimalizovaná.Pokud Flash Player na Vašem počítači nefunguje správně, vyzkoušejte přepnout na verzi ve formátu HTML-5 stisknutím „přepínače“.In a panic, she emptied the contents of the next drawer down, adding her bras to the multi-coloured pile of undergarments on the floor, again without locating the dildo.

"OK," said Julie, deliberately drawing out the anticipation, "but before I tell the story, there are some rules to which you must agree." Michelle eagerly nodded her head in response.

Mějte však na paměti, že verze webu využívající HTML-5 má omezenou funkčnost (neoptimalizovaná kvalita videa možnost zpožděného streamování).

Všem našim uživatelům proto doporučujeme verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash (momentálně používaná).

Jste si jist/a, že nechcete povolit verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash?

Verze využívající Flash je plně vybavena a optimalizována.

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