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If you said you wanted to give her space and she dumped you, I guess you got what you wanted. are you emailing like 25 people and i got lost in the numbers? Please take this at a hint and dump me so I do not have to look like a jerk and I can still post a nice guy/girl thread. I want to keep my options open in case someone better comes along.Both men and women do this and no, not all men or women do it. after emailing a number of times and seeming to hit it off why do the emails just stop coming instead of her writing to me and saying "sorry we're not a match." i see this as rude and is especially prevalent in younger women. personally i like to write to one or two at a time maximum. Please stick around on the backburner though in case it does not happen.That brings a lot of stress to the relationship and takes the fun out of it ... Yes, they're surmising a lot of stuff..they can't help what they feel/think.Men like how women feel, and so they instinctively try to get close enough to feel them.I think most people want support through the rougher spots life hands us.She split up with you at a time when she needed you and you backed off. In answer to your question: To my experience, women are always too busy looking for signs, analyzing things and worrying about direction, outcome and the return value in the their emotional investment once they decide that they really like the guy.

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It's not really a chick thing..depends on how emotionally involved one is in the relationship.if one detaches a little too fast for the other one to figure out what is going on? But based on the little information given, here is my answer.

The external problems mean she had some family/job responsibilites and your Mr free and easy and have quantities of time to lol the time away..???

I agree, misunderstandings can take the fun out of anything.

The thing is we can sense when a relationship or the person you're dating changes emotionally.

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