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He does seem like someone who - if he doesn't process all of this pent up anger and resentment and sorrow in a healthy way - is going to explode, violently perhaps, in the near future.

R11 I think you're missing OPs point that this guy was - and seemingly still is - a homophobic douche and yet still have made so many porn vids.OP - back then did you ever get the feeling he was closeted?Perhaps his family cut him off when he tried to come out, hence the porn? so I'm going to get a job where I have to fuck and get fucked by, suck and get sucked by, and make out with, guys on a weekly basis...I knew he was working a movie theatre and then BAM ! Fairborn and many places in Ohio are dangerously conservative, I'm just confused a to why he would go this route, given his [email protected] You haven't been the area for a while. It also sounds like you had a soccer rivalry that you can't let go . Also , for the record , his family life isn't the best. Vadim is actually part of his given ( and by given I mean 2 Americans in they're 40's stripped him of his Russian name and gave him a new one) name.I understand that , but you're somewhere else so let it go. I can only imagine the shit he's had to put up through his father , both he and his brother weren't that well adjusted when they came over from Russia and they still aren't. Look at the state of gay porn , Dennis west is child molestor, Sebastian young has beaten half of Florida up, Johnny rapid wanted to bang a 14 year old and when that went south he threatened to shoot his girlfriend and some dude on Lucas entertainment killed his family. He's danced around being called Vadim for years and used it interchangeably with Luke.R18 - first, I don't grant your premise that you can compare porn and acting, not at all.Second, there was nothing in my post that said I don't believe G4P exists, as I just said above in this post.He may be nice to look at but that's all he is , a face. Someone called him short and Vadim came pouncing onto this thread. I wonder how Vadim/ Luke is going to one up them all ? I'm afraid for Florida.[quote]There's no evidence he is homophobic. Vadim is finally able to be the pint sized Russian queen that Putin never her be.What many of you haven't scene is some one who is narcissistic , a liar, a self loathing homophobe ( believe me ,he likes them white and gem) and extremely paranoid. I'm sure if someone makes a bird call his girlfriend will also log on to protect Ms. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his gay fans. he called a few people derogatory names but he loves his idiotic gay fans' money. I went to grammar and junior high with a guy who was always calling other guys "fag", "queer" , or some girl's name that sounded close to their own.His relationship with his family was on point, they even got him a new car for his senior year.The talk around the town was that it was that awkward transition between high school and adulthood where parents kinda cut you off to see if you can test the waters of being 18 , i.e pay your own cellphone bill, hold down a job for 10 hours a week, take a class or two. The gossip was that he did 3 videos, quit and moved away because of the shame.

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  1. He is the main host of radio and television program Ang Dating Daan (English: The Old Path, Portuguese: O Caminho Antigo, Spanish: El Camino Antiguo), considered as the longest-running religious program in the Philippines.

  2. It’s small – both the physical size of the restaurant and the menu itself, so don’t go expecting anything fancy or crazy. You go in, order at the counter, and then grab a table to chow down on some beautifully made griddle cakes and savory sides.