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The Nifty 50: This is a 1.8 50mm lens, it’s cheap, and it’s clarity is ridiculous. 6 inch is cheaper, but 8 gives you a wider spread on the light.This is what I use 150 Watt 8 Inch Clamp Light Diffusion Paper: You can use the following: Printer paper (blank/white), tracing paper or paper towels, yes… Use close pins or binder clips to hold in place, like I have here.But if you want to record videos without a mic dangling in your face, you’ll need a lav or shotgun mic.A portable recorder will do the job, add a dedicated mic for versatility.I left out camcorders because I have no experience with them.

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Stick with class 10 SD cards like a San Disk Extreme 32 gig. No better lighting in this price range Lighting kit 2: 3000 Watt Solution. more than the kit above, but you get 600 more watts.

Here are the audio solutions I recommend, pick one or two.

H1 Zoom: Cost .00, this a portable recorder (with built in mics) that has the capability of housing a lapel/lav mic (optional) and it mounts right on top of your dslr.

Most laptops and computer monitors come with a webcam built in.

The quality is usable, but often limiting especially if you plan on doing a lot of moving.

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