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A talented chef, he ran his own restaurant reuniter Francesco's - in Braunton.

Susan met him inwhen she was 45, two years after divorcing her first husband with whom she had two grown-up children, and just a year after Francesco's first friends reunited dating search had been annulled. The topic was cute, the relationships, the growth, and technically it looked beautiful but if the plot is not in tune with all that it doesn't work. Ho-bang appropriates another car and races after him, with Hae-sung riding along.

It took me a while before I fully trusted Minjoon Having recently gone through a loss, I couldn't help but really feel that pain.

We only got see him once with Tae Hoon and it would've been nicer to see them grow closer before finding out they're brothers.

But the real star was Yeo Jin-gu, who gave his usual incredible performance as Hae-sung, and who continues to be one of the few actors who can make me cry over and over again.

Aww I'm gonna miss seeing Yeo Jingoo on a weekly basis, but I hope he could now get the rest he deserves so well and come back to us with an amazing project.

That evening, Hae-sung finds Ho-bang at the pojangmacha getting methodically drunk and looking miserable.

I felt a bit like watching Big, though so far nothing beats it, so Ms Do's husband just disappeared, like Mr Ahn, but HS has warnings and vanishes so slowly. Susan could only watch in horror as Francesco lunged at Stephen in his armchair.

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