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As James Webb notes: "The gifted become depressed particularly because their high intellect allows them to contemplate the cosmos and their very small place within it." Existential depression takes it toll on partners of gifted adults as well, as they may feel helpless in their attempts to offer support.

(Note: please seek counseling from a licensed mental health professional when depression arises.) Clearly, anyone can exhibit the above-mentioned behaviors.

But partners may feel left out when their gifted partner retreats, and friends may become frustrated when social invitations are declined. Indulgence in unusual or multiple interests Since they grasp information with such complexity and depth, and frequently boast multipotentialities, many gifted individuals plunge into varied and sometimes offbeat interests with a startling passion and intensity.

When they come up for air, they may notice a frustrated and angry partner, who feels sidelined and ignored. Oversensitivities Many gifted adults also retain the heightened sensitivities and overexcitabilities that emerged in childhood.

Sometimes depressed, and often feeling misunderstood, they assume that they have little in common with the general population, and spend a substantial amount of time alone.

It can fuel an extreme, unrelenting focus on the task at hand, or harsh self-criticism when high and sometimes perfectionistic standards are not met.

Individuals living under this pressure may neglect their families and friends, value work over social/family relationships, and may be subject to mood swings and irritability. Always needing to be right Since gifted people usually excel at what they do, some may assume that they always know the correct answer, at least in those areas where they have expertise.

Angry, critical or sarcastic comments, a tendency to take charge, or even a pattern of overlooking a partner's contributions can take a toll on any relationship.

Sometimes gifted people might even seem arrogant when they become frustrated with others' more pedestrian pace. Pressure to succeed The drive to achieve can make life more complicated.

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