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"Blood Runs Cold" ended up as a short mid-card feud before the involved wrestlers were sent into other directions.

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He did nothing to deserve that, and what happened is an embarrassment to WWE and pro wrestling as a whole.As a "gift" from Big Show, Kanyon would come out of a giant box (closet?) dressed as Boy George, sing "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? Kanyon had his qualms, especially since it came off as a vote of no confidence for his idea for a gay gimmick, but felt he had to go along with the angle.Whether it was having sex with female groupies as "proof" of his heterosexuality or fleeing a gay bar when wrestler friends showed up after the other bars closed. He also showed signs of mental illness long before his bipolar diagnosis.For years, he'd hoard everything from bottle caps to printouts of email conversations with fans. It can get depressing at times, especially knowing that this is a book written by someone who killed himself last year, but that may not even be the point where the book is at its darkest.There are plenty of dark clouds hanging over the book.Most obviously, the book was released a year-and-a-half after Kanyon killed himself.Unfortunately for Kanyon, he had a lot of personal problems.As I said earlier, while he wasn't ashamed of being gay, he went to ridiculous lengths to hide it out of fear that it would kill his career., which Kanyon (real name Chris Klucsarits) wrote with Ryan Clark before his suicide on April 2nd of last year.It's a very good book that's much different than most wrestler autobiographies, though, as you might expect, it can get pretty depressing.

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