Girls who wants to fuck in kuala lumpur

I got some thrown in my palm a muddy ball of thai for 10RM (about £2) ‘You can’t smoke it on the street at all’ advised the girl.

As curious as I was to see if officials would actually chop off my head for smoking this outside, I asked her where she smokes.

Theres a tour of the inner workings of the caves which is in the complete dark, scary as fuck and full of bats, although a creepy dark place where I can touch strangers is always a hit.

This was a nice thing to do but the most endearing aspect were the temples and statues dotted around the caves. With bad publicity of fake alcohols emerging, the fridges and bars alike are riddled with British brand names to ensure ‘safety’.

It needed some kind of sin to sink your teeth into.

Although I think it’s preposterous that a government would sentence someone to death for smoking weed, its clearly these kinds of harsh punishments that have caused people to behave. With so much opportunity to literally fuck shit up I almost felt it my duty to start a ring of high class hooker ninjas that would loot penthouses of the countless 5 star hotels that Kuala Lumpur boasts.

Kuala lumpur is obsessed with street food and with such a multicultural society theres so much range.

These clubs are so bad that everyone bonds over their naff quality they offer but all ladies constant free drinks so I couldn't complain at all.

The nicest bar there setting wise is the Skybar located in the golden circle although it was way too expensive, so you had to atleast try to look nice if you wanted to whore yourself out for drinks.

Although there's only been terrible media surrounding Malaysia, it's always been on the checklist for everyone exploring South-East Asia, and with flights being dirt cheap now at £266 one way If you’ve done nothing but get a plane ticket there then here's our Guestlist guide to Kuala Lumpur from the moment you land. If you actually have nothing planned you’ll need internet surfing gadgets so don’t be afraid to take your iphone or laptop because South-Eastern countries are very tech driven and people are seen with about 3 smartphones casually, and you don’t need an adapter!

A train from the airport to the city centre will cost you about £4 but the rest of inner city transport is like 30p.

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