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Modern day sex dolls have evolved so much that they now possess usages beyond that of a simple sex toy.

For instance owing to their realistic appearances they are being used by photographers as models, as teddy bears for grownups to cuddle for warmth and companionship, and are also considered collectible pieces of art.

The market for sex dolls has grown exponentially online but the available information has not kept pace with this growth.

With this in mind we have created “the best sex dolls guide online” and lift the veil of confusion once and help you find the best sex doll for you.

She displays amazing creativity with a variety of poses and settings. They can be dressed up to showcase designer wear by fashion designers and boutiques.

Even manufacturers hire her to shoot portfolios of their newly launched doll range. These dolls however, do not contain any working orifices.

These dolls are soft like the teddy and contain a working love hole. Sex dolls have been developed to now offer even more realistic experiences and one of them is “virginity”.

Realism exhibited by these dolls is so fascinating that they have even caught attentions of many a famous fashion photographers.Making love to one of the modern high end silicone doll is far from feeling artificial.Since the dolls can be preheated and silicone closely resembles real flesh and skin they can even be compared with the real girls.Also high profile fashion photographer Helmut Newton once photographed such dolls for getting published in the popular Playboy magazine.However, they were considered too weird and eventually never published.But one can definitely hug a life sized photograph of their favourite porn star and leave the rest to their imagination.Dolls made from plush materials are also available for the comfort seekers.As mentioned earlier in this article, Helmut Newton was one of the famous photographers to have done an exclusive shoot with sex dolls.In our current times Stacey Leigh is one of the most reputed and famous doll photographer.They come in many forms and can closely resemble the size and shape of a life like person. Origin of the sex doll dates back to 17 century when French and Spanish Sailors on long sea voyages would make such dolls from sewn clothes.Women were considered unlucky on ships and therefore, probably resorted to these makeshift companions who were named century when the more lifelike dolls came in to commercial production.

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