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"Thus a man with a mother-complex may have a finely differentiated Eros instad of, or in addition to, homosexuality.

(Something of this sort is suggested in Plato in his Symposium).

The Syzygy In mythology the hermaphrodite has always pointed to the ability to transcend categories and achieve wisdom.

Indeed, the term itself is a combination of Hermes (the messenger of the gods, and therefore the bringer of knowledge) and Aphrodite (the goddess of love). The hermaphrodite is an important symbol in alchemy, where it represents the much needed union of opposites: the masculine and the feminine.

And since the goal of the psychological process of growing up (the individuation process) is wholeness, i.e.

making the unconscious known, Jung cannot but appreciate the value of being able to combine the feminine and the masculine.

But if we take the concept out of its narrow psychopathological setting and give it a wider connotation, we can see that it has positive effects as well.

" (Collected Works 9/I para 164.) The fact that a man (gay or not gay) has a feminine disposition may make a more empathic friend and care giver, which is a good thing -- also in Jung's universe.

The transgender as a reflection of the hermaphroditic archetype In another discussion Jung actually refuses to consider a man dominated by his anima as ill: "The growing youth must be able to free himself from the anima fascination of his mother.

So in the end Jung opens up for a positive interpretation of what I here have called cross-sexual conditions, which -- I guess -- could include both feminine homosexual men, and male bodied crossdreamers, crossdressers and transsexuals, although he does not explicitly say so.

Jung needs a reinterpretation Today it is very hard to uphold the idea that homosexuality is some kind of gender inversion.

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