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They also love the human form, so don't wear those baggy pants on a date, because it will totally gross a Libra out.

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It'll definitely be a long night.""Gemini is the sign of communication and also of curiosity. There should be dirty talk involved (starting with some naughty texts throughout the day will guarantee a fun night) and having sex in a place like the living room floor littered with pillows of various sizes (you never know what you'll need and different angles are a necessity!Set up the bed with crisp, white, freshly washed, bleached and pressed sheets and make sure your home is spotless (ESPECIALLY your bathroom!) before you even think about inviting a Virgo into bed with you.Handcuffs or sex toys would be an excellent accessory, because a Scorpio will do just about anything... They're very picky about who they allow into their sexual sphere.""'Call of the Wild' is the best way to define a Sagittarius," Lessard says."Free-spirited, outdoorsy and designated as half man/half horse in the zodiac makes a Sag very primal and animalistic when it comes to sex.But how does your zodiac sign affect your sex life?If you’re a Leo, your best sex would probably be with a Libra because as the stars have it, your relationship will be full of “fireworks, drama, and romance.” If you or your lover is a Cancer, you’re all about the spooning, while Scorpios are all about the kink.They also want to have FUN, so laughter and keeping it light will really turn them on.Since they love to be active and in nature, the best place to pin a Sagittarius down for sex is up against a big tree in the wilderness during a hike, in the grass in the middle of a long walk or on the beach under the stars.""People THINK Capricorn are prudish and shy, but really they are just extremely private and an earthy sign that needs time to warm up before they sizzle," Lessard says.Aries are known for having a very strong, but also short-lived, sex drive," Lessard says."A five or 10-minute quickie out in public, like sneaking into one of the private bathrooms at the movie theater after catching a film, and banging it out there in the moment will totally turn an Aries on."Lessard says, "It's a five-senses extravaganza for Taurus, so don't even think about sex with them unless you have all the bases covered.

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