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The biopic “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” touches on some of the difficulties the interracial couple faced, including the disapproval of her parents.The New York social world was scandalized in Fall 1924 when Leonard Kip Rhinelander, heir to 0 million family fortune, married Alice Jones, a domestic and daughter of a black man and a white woman.“The father had sent the boy out west for two years to get over his foolheaded infatuation. Now Kip had returned east, and he and Alice had eloped.”At first Rhinelander did not seem to care what society thought of his marriage.After six weeks of matrimony, however, Rhinelander did not come home to the small apartment he shared with Jones and filed to have his marriage to her annulled.Johnson and Pineau lived much of their marriage in Europe.They remained a couple until the boxer’s death in a car accident in 1946.This list includes 12 actors, athletes, authors, singers and socialites collectively who crossed the color line for love long before interracial marriage became widely accepted.During a time in which black men could be lynched for even looking at a white woman the “wrong way,” boxer Jack Jackson started romantic relationships with several white women.

When the public found out about their interracial marriage three years later, the couple not only received criticism but threats and obscene mail as well, according to the reported Horne said that she and her husband had some rocky times because of racism.She told the Times she sometimes viewed her husband as “foreign white creature.” Other times she took out the rage she had against white racists on her husband.She also admitted to marrying Hayton for opportunistic reasons.“At first, I became involved because I thought Lennie would be useful to my career,” she said.The abusive nature of her relationship with Johnson, the death of her father, disapproval of her interracial marriage and a history of depression all likely contributed to Duryea’s decision to kill herself in September 1912.Just weeks after Duryea’s suicide, Johnson started a romance with 18-year-old white prostitute Lucille Cameron.The marriage disintegrated after just a year in part because Wright felt that his wife expected to him provide a lavish lifestyle her.Moreover, his relationship with Meidman overlapped with his relationship with Ellen Poplar (also known as Polpowitz), an organizer for the Communist Party.Cameron filed for divorce from Johnson four years later because the known womanizer had been unfaithful to her.In August 1925, Johnson married Irene Pineau, who was also white.Her father never met Wright and her sister cutoff contact with Poplar because of the interracial union, according to the biography.Poplar’s brother did support the relationship, however. Maya Angelou married Enistasious Tosh Angelos in 1951, Lorraine Hansberry married Robert Nemiroff in 1953, and in March 1967, just months before the U. Supreme Court lifted the ban on interracial marriage, Alice Walker married Melvyn Lowenthal.

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