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Today I am releasing the third article and final article I have been working on through the last month. They are described as charismatic, kind and compassionate. They are bound by a strong sense of honour and morality.

I was asked to create an MBTI article on which mythical creatures relate to which MBTI types.

Would a suburban, white, teenage girl lose a speech contest because she wasn’t “angry?

” I went to school with a bunch of prickly white girls. Furthermore, wasn’t the contest about the veracity of the arguments presented?

Frankly, I think fiction is missing out on some interesting characters by ignoring the opportunity that female INTJs present. As a female INTJ, I understand why it is so intimidating for authors to write a well-rounded female character with this personality type.

The main issue authors face is confusion about what a female INTJ actually looks like.

She admitted that my address was well written and more logically crafted than the winner’s presentation.

Many other authors also find that the Myers Briggs Personality types are a great foundation for build characters, and many readers enjoy typing characters as a means of understanding them.Though female INTJs are the rarest female type in real life (estimated to be less than 1% of the female population), I was disappointed that they do not have a better representation in fiction– especially when male INTJs, who are almost as rare (3%ish), are so popular (such as Mr.Darcy, Atticus Finch, Ender Wiggin, and Sherlock Holmes).In high school, I participated in a speech contest, and came in second place.One of the judges, a well-known writer and orator in the community, explained to Mom why I didn’t come in first.(Duh.) These two parts of the INTJ female both have to be apparent in the character for your character to be interesting and well rounded—even though, it often appears that the two parts of the INTJ Female clash.Hopefully, this post has given you some idea and tips for writing a female INTJ character. Have you spotted the elusive female INTJ, or are you writing one?However, as I have been typing and looking up the personality types of different fictional characters, I found that one specific type was generally missing. (No, Katniss from series is not an INTJ; she is an ISTJ and clearly does not use introverted intuition as her dominant function.) However, it would be wrong of me to claim that female INTJs do not exist in fiction; there are a few out there.For instance, Moraine from series is an INTJ, but in general, finding a female INTJ in fiction is so (comparatively) rare that most people will not read or see a fictional female INTJ.I thought it would be interesting to do this, so here we go! They are quite, intellectual, eccentric, wise, and contemplate philosophy. Are described as living carefree lives of joy and pleasure always wanting to satisfy their latest desires. Are described as intensely curious and intellectual, whilst loving arts, pranks and long lives. They are naturally friendly, highly social and fun loving people. They are described as sly, wrathful, keep to themselves and cunning.

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