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{"context": {"buzz":,"page":{"category":"UK","vertical":"","title":"How Taylor Swift Played The Victim For A Decade And Made Her Entire Career","picture":"","description":"Taylor Swift's embrace of victimhood doesn't begin and end with Kanye West \u2013 it can be traced back to the start of her decade-long career in both her music and her relationship with the media.","has Quiz":false,"first Subbuzz Is Instagram":false,"width":"wide","region Specific Platform":false,"promotions":,"localization":{"language":"en","country":"en-uk","locale":"en_US","translations":{"AD_DISCLAIMER":"This is a personal, non-sponsored post by a member of Buzz Feed's ad content team.","ADD_TEXT_IMAGE_BOTH":"Add text, image, or both","ADD_YOUR_VIDEO":"Add Your Video","ADD_YOURS":"Add Yours! Submit it here.","CONTACT_AT_EMAIL":"Contact at .","CONTENT_NO_LONGER_SUPPORTED":"Sorry, this content is no longer supported.","CONTINUE":"Continue","COPY_LINK":"Copy Link","COPY_LINK_SHARE":"Copy Link","COPY_POLL_LINK":"Copy Poll Link","COPY_QUIZ_LINK":"Copy Quiz Link","COPYRIGHT_BUZZFEED_INC":"Copyright Buzz Feed, Inc. ","DEVELOPING":"Developing story","DOWNLOAD_PDF":"Download PDF","EMAIL":"Email","ENTER_TEXT":"Enter text...","ENTER_VALID_EMAIL":"Please enter a valid email address","FAVORITE":"Favorite","FOLLOW_US_ON":"Follow Us On ","FOLLOW_US_ON_TWITTER":"Follow Us On Twitter","GREAT":"Great! Check your inbox and confirm your subscription now! It looks like you've already used that reaction on this post.","ATTACH_IMAGE":"Attach Image","BREAKING":"Breaking","BUZZFEED_HOME":"Buzz Feed Home","BUZZFEED_INC":"Buzz Feed, Inc","BUZZFEED_STAFF":"Buzz Feed Staff","BY":"By","CLICK_FOR_MORE":"Click for More...","CLICK_TO_REVEAL":"Click to reveal","CLOSE_THIS_MODAL":"Close this modal","CONNECT_WITH":"Connect With","CONFIDENTIAL_TIP":"Got a confidential tip?I don't walk around naked with my windows open, because there's a value on that.", that she's insanely excited about, because it signals her transition from a country star who likes pop to a straight-up pop star. And despite what you may have read in the gossip press, Swift hasn't been involved with a man in quite some time. ("I have black cherry, pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry, key lime, tangerine lime . "That's a door that I walk into."Swift bought this apartment about six months ago, for a reported million.

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Every doorway and stairwell is guarded, and every window is blacked out. In 2014, a Swift shoot requires the kind of operational secrecy and logistical complexity rarely seen outside of a SEAL raid.(Jack Antonoff, of Bleachers and fun., who has recently co-written several songs with Swift, says that "just having her songs on my hard drive makes me feel like I have Russian secrets or something.It's terrifying.")At the moment, Swift is in a makeup chair in her dressing room, getting false eyelashes applied."This is where Karlie usually stays," she says – meaning supermodel Karlie Kloss, one of her new BFFs, whom she met nine months ago at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.There's a basket of Kloss's favorite Whole Foods treats next to the bed, and multiple photos of her on the walls.Sometimes it would be nice if someone just said, ' Hey, I think it's really cool that you have that cat on your head.I think that's interesting.'"It's 1300 hours in the San Fernando Valley, and Project Sparrow is in full effect.'" For Swift – four-time multiplatinum-album-maker, seven-time Grammy winner and billion-time gossip-blog subject – being famous is a lot like walking around with a cat on your head. "But at the end of the day, I can't be ungrateful, because I chose this.But sometimes – – you don't want to have a camera pointed at you.","GET_MORE_NEWS":"Get More News","GO_BACK_AND_VOTE":"Go Back And Vote","GRAPHIC_IMAGE":"This image is graphic","GUESS":"Guess","I_AGREE_TO_THE_TERMS":"I agree to the terms","I_GIVE_UP":"I give up!","I_GOT_CORRECT_OUT_OF_TOTAL":"I got \\"","IMAGE":"Image","IMAGE_UPLOADING_FAILED":"Image uploading failed.","LAST_UPDATED_ON":"Last updated on","LATEST_POSTS_FROM":"Latest Posts From ","LEARN_MORE":"Learn more","LEFT":"Left","LIKE_US_ON":"Like us on ","LIKE_US_ON_FACEBOOK":"Like Us On Facebook","LINE":"","LINK_COPIED":"Link Copied!

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