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Michael Oher decided to enter in the 2008 NFL Draft but ultimately withdrew his decision.At the 2009 NFL Draft, he became 23rd pick by the Baltimore Ravens.He is a former basketball star at "Ole Miss", the University of Mississippi, who now owns a chain of fast-food restaurants, while Leigh Anne runs her own interior decorating business.

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He was released by the Carolina Panthers in July 2017 after failing in the physical. He made this fortune by playing football with many clubs in his career.He also signed a contract for million with Carolina Panthers.His wealth also comes by releasing his book in 2011.He has been active in his career from a very young age.Michael Oher is considered one of the most popular football offensive tackles in the United States.Rupert Cornwell tells the extraordinary story of Michael Oher There are some stories that even Hollywood wouldn't dare make up. By an extraordinary fluke however, he is accepted into Briarcrest, a private high school that offers a fine Christian upbringing for the offspring of the city's white, God-fearing and overwhelmingly Republican establishment.Like the one about a gentle giant of a black kid from the worst part of Memphis, 16 years old, virtually destitute, who can barely read or write. One of these families literally picks up the boy off the streets, takes him into its opulent home in the best part of town, gives him a new life and ultimately adopts him.Let’s find out more about how much is Michael Oher’s net worth in 2018. There have been no reports on who Michel Oher is currently dating.Michael Jerome Oher was born as Michael Jerome Williams Jr., on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee to his parents Denise Oher and Michael Jerome Oher. He went to Briarcrest Christian School and used to play football for the school. There are also no reports about his past relationships.But altruism alone would not have produced a story fit for Hollywood.For that, "Big Mike" had his size and a remarkable speed of movement to thank.

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