Is tim tebow dating erin drewes

Just ask the team's owner, Woody Johnson, who was asked if the star is still a virgin in an interview this morning...

Read Full Story Tim Tebow (born August 14, 1987) is a Heisman-winning quarterback for the Florida Gators.

It lasted about two months, so maybe confirming the relationship cursed them.

Or maybe Tebow and Taylor Swift are secretly an item, because apparently Belle and Swift have beef surrounding another guy.

The NFL star, who had been playing for the Jets but is rumored to be heading to the Jaguars, is apparently seeing actress Camilla Belle!

Tim Tebow is a mysterious man when it comes to his dating life.Tim Tebow was forever linked to Katy Perry after Perry's mother said the two should date.Perry then went on to dedicate her song "Peacock" to Tebow during a pre-Super Bowl performance.Sources on the scene said they were very lovey dovey, and seemed to be an item.And, it's possible that these two have been together (or at least hanging out...The NFL star is reportedly dating actress Camilla Belle!The pair was spotted out in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night at a party at a place called Latitude 30, reports TMZ.Getty After two months of quietly dating actress Camilla Belle, it appears that Tim Tebow is single once more.Plus: Heidi Klum might have just won the very, very unofficial Sexiest Celebrity Mom of the Year award, James Marsden's ex-girlfriend welcomed their baby, new Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers pics surface, and more...They reportedly bowled together and flirted up a storm.Sources on the scene said they were very lovey dovey and are a couple. Read Full Story Tim Tebow perhaps has a new football team and girlfriend!

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