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When you fall pregnant, you fall into this protect yourself mode." Teaming up with Boots, she's helped other hayfever suffering mums-to-be understand the lifestyle changes — such as never hanging your sheets outside to dry — can ease up symptoms.She also really reached out to other mums of Twitter, saying: "Anybody got any tips for heartburn during pregnancy? " Explaining how comforting it was to reach out to people who know what she's going through, she said: "Weirdly enough Love Heart sweets were a common thing everyone told me to take. It was great to hear what other people tried." Opening up about keeping up her active lifestyle while she's expecting, Laura told us: "I didn’t want to feel scared of the pregnancy." She continued: "I wanted to enjoy it... "For me getting out in the fresh air, especially to begin with was great.But Laura had opened up about her natural birth plan.She said: "I guess that's the way me and Jason have always been. With the whole medication thing, we literally don’t take anything. That's the way we've always been so I just want to do it as natural as possible." And although she acknowledges it will be harder with a little one, of course the 2020 games are on the cards for the super ambitious athlete."I think it puts people off summer babies," she explained.Laura opened up: "I’ve had hayfever for as long as I remember, and I also have asthma which makes my symptoms quite bad.

The gold medal winners were photographed kissing at Horse Guards Parade yesterday evening (August 8) behind David Beckham at the beach vollyeball.

Jason and Laura got together in 2012, and were caught smooching in the stands at the beach volleyball during the London Olympics. They met for the first time in 2010 when Laura was selected to join the British team. Well not for Essex-born Laura anyway…"I didn't like him, I really didn't,' Laura says of her fiancé back then.

"If he was in a room with me, he'd just sit there; he wouldn't come up to me."Luckily that's all changed and they're actually pretty keen on each other, and now live together in Cheshire with their pooches Pringle and Sprolo.

But will they be joined by a little bundle of joy in the near future? " Laura has said she wants to be a stay-at-home mum, so babies might be off the cards while she's still cycling.

Laura tweeted last night, just moments after Jason's mega win: "Arghhhh!!!!!! "It all depends on how long my Olympic career lasts, because I want to end my career [before having children]," she explained. She's a girly girl, so I can talk make-up and clothes to her.

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