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Despite his serious relationship with Carol (Christy Pusz), a beautiful doctor who works at Jake’s hospital, Jake finds it unthinkable to deny his brother’s existence.

He impulsively suggests he and Leah marry and maintain a secretly platonic relationship in Washington, D. Leah gladly accepts as a means of finally pursuing her own dreams of independence and a college education without offending her very traditional and domineering mother.

To the telefilm’s credit, Carol is not depicted as insensitive or unreasonable.

Husband Sam, a photographer, is originally from Boston.She appears healthy now and she says she is doing pretty well in a short profile in the current issue of Heeb magazine.Kaufman also told me that she is doing fine and she is very funny in real life.Back to the plot: Jake is shocked when, shortly after his brother’s funeral, he is asked to honor the ancient Jewish Levirate marriage law.As a single man, he’s expected to marry the childless Leah to carry on Benjamin’s name…or else deny his brother’s existence in a religious ceremony that will release them from this generally un-enforced Jewish law.Jake and his mother travel to Brooklyn for the funeral where they meet Ben’s widow, Leah, and Leah’s mother (played by Jewish comic actress Susie Essman, 53).Actress Natasha Lyonne, 29, of American Pie fame, has a nice little supporting role as Leah’s sister.She is, of course, shocked when Jake marries Leah and makes it clear to him that their relationship is essentially over until he divorces her.Carol’s reaction is but one of the hurdles that Jake and Leah face when they try to live as roommates in Jake’s apartment.I strongly suspect that Ambrose’s husband, photographer Sam Handel, is Jewish, but I haven’t been able to confirm this yet.As the film opens, Jake Lever (Kaufman), a 30-year-old Jewish cardiologist in Washington, D.

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