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This includes but is not limited to an assessment of the Company's shareholdings in its subsidiaries, as well as strategies to preserve the value of its listed shell.Justice Mc Kerracher of the Federal Court of Australia has lifted an earlier stay on the appointment of David Hodgson and Andrew Hewitt, of Grant Thornton, as provisional liquidators to ASX-listed Diploma Group Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (Administrators Appointed) and its subsidiaries following an application by ASIC.Peak Auction specializes in providing large quantities of materials to choose from for your home or office improvement projects.

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The company goes into liquidation when a registered liquidator is appointed to conduct the winding-up of a company and the liquidation of its assets.HELP PLEASE de Listed and Investo Gain are largely the result of voluntary effort.We welcome input and updates from investors, company officers, insolvency practitioners, regulatory bodies, registries and others to [email protected] liquidator is generally appointed on the grounds that the company is insolvent and there is no better way for creditors to maximise their return than from liquidating the assets.Shareholders may place their company into voluntary liquidation, if, for example, they think it is going nowhere and they may as well sell off assets, discharge liabilities and get back the remainder.Rarely in circumstances where the company has failed, is there anything left over for distribution to shareholders.Remember who your directors and executives were and resolve to avoid in future any companies they may be involved in.We are working on upgrading our websites and despite our best endeavours have experienced census type calamities for almost a week now.Our apologies, we hope to have all problems resolved by Monday August 15th.Christopher Michael Williamson and David Ashley Norman Hurt of WA Insolvency Solutions, Level 10, 111 St George's Terrace, Western Australia were appointed official liquidators of the company on 23 August 2016 pursuant to an order of the supreme court of Western Australia.Notice is hereby given that Robert Hutson, Jarrod Villani and David Winterbottom of Korda Mentha, were appointed Liquidators of the Company pursuant to Section 499 of the Corporations Act 2001 (‘the Act') at the Second Meeting of Creditors duly convened and held on 15 March 2016.

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