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Maybe you’ve been dragged to the show of a random band and were totally blown away. And you will watch all of this while having a stranger’s entire beer spilled on you. Which brings us to another eldritch nightmare: fellow fans.There is no target audience for Dude In Hat Spilling An Entire Beer On You, and yet that’s what we built this entire discipline of art upon. We shouldn’t even need to discuss the experience of attempting to brunch off a hangover, seeing a stuffed-polo jazz ensemble setting up, and thinking “That’s what my headache needs: clarinet! Last year my wife and I saw Cibo Matto on their reunion tour.In the summer of 2007, my friend and I toured the Midwest as our novelty rap duo (thanks for not googling it, we all have pasts.) We didn’t send out demos, or get really good by practicing a lot and earning respect; instead, we booked every single show through friends of friends who just needed someone to fill a slot. Getting gigs is largely about social capital and networking, which means two white males with college-town cultural fluency will get cut all kinds of slack that they never need to reel in.This is not to diminish the opportunities these folks gave us, or even to express false modesty; when we were good, we were good! Did venues turn off our power halfway through our set? The author (left, cat mask) performing in January 2008.The songs sounded nothing like they did my extensive collection of cassettes, as listened to alone in the middle of the night in high school while having feelings! Later, hearing Beck perform live, I was infuriated that so much of the performance was just a tape-playback of the sample tracks from the album mixes.You might recognize this same audio dynamic from any hiphop show you’ve ever attended: a beat someone spent forty thousand dollars in studio time on, squeezed out through a large, sad boombox, accompanied by a person shouting over his or her own sore throat while pacing. In other words, there’s an unresolvable tension between Wanting To Hear Songs Exactly Like They Are On The Radio, and Wanting To Hear Those Same Songs Substantially And Objectively Improved Since We Paid Money For This.Channing Kennedy is a writer and performer in Oakland, California; he’s the host of Just Jokes, a podcast and live show examining comedy’s responsibility to society (if any).

Now, he co-owns a Haitian restaurant and fuses American pop and Haitian konpa as DJ Windows 98.Who do you think populates the “anything” of “anything goes”?Who do you think was in charge of organizing Woodstock ‘99?(Which is further complicated by Why Can’t We Even Hear The Vocals At All, Who Is This Jackass Sound Guy.)Some bands rise to the medium’s essential challenge, playing their songs better-than-perfect.A lot of them don’t—because there’s no incentive for them to improve. At least for a huge chunk of a band’s early career.And in a parallel, concrete sense, the venues of live music are themselves exclusionary. But the best shows I’ve seen haven’t been united across a genre.Even if a venue claims they’re wheelchair accessible, the reality might be totally different, especially during a crowded show. Trans folks get harassed; sometimes that harassment is an actual advertised feature of events. I’ve fallen in love with just as many Dadaist basement-thrash noise bands as I have exquisitely choreographed kpop supergroups and jazz-drummer elder statesmen—more or less, anyone who takes seriously the intentional creation of a shared experience through live music, i.e. At its best, live music has far more in common with live theater; the performance, not the songs or the performers, is the product valued. Have jokes ready for when the audience needs a pause (or for when your laptop crashes), unless audience banter is totally #offbrand, which it isn’t, unless you’re Kraftwerk, which you aren’t. And finally, a proposed rule: if you’re dragging a friend to a show you don’t know if they’ll like, give them the gift of zero expectations and buy their not held in a rural church’s youth center) until I was 18.In order to see They Might Be Giants, my then-favorite band of many years, I spent three hours in a car with a girl who had dumped me days before, and her two friends whom I didn’t know.”Male performers face zero accountability for bad behavior, while women performers (and audience members) are required to exist at “the intersection of who you are and who you’re expected to be,” dealing with everything from IRL dangerous situations to gross thinkpieces.Between men and women, who do you think stays in the industry long enough to develop a sustainable career?

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  1. Men når skulen er klar, og me får betre lokale, treng det ikkje gå så mange år før den første tilsette er på plass, 23. -sjekking på om brukernes filer har riktige rettigheter og ingen deadlinker.