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He described it as ‘certainly not what we paid for’, and said that the album was like being given a hearse when you had requested a Mercedes.The timing of the leak was perfect; it helped the album, which was released at the end of July.Robin Eggar, tends to agree: ‘The thing about Tom Jones is that he has a charisma and a magnetism which acts upon women.It will probably still be in full-effect when he is in a nursing home.‘I went for a drink with him some years ago, and the 22-year-old waitress slipped him her telephone number before she went home.’ But it is no threat to his marriage.Although he has talked about returning to the UK, this week his management says there are no concrete plans to do so.He spends much of the year travelling and Linda is happy to stay in LA, with just the maid, gardener and cook.On his official Facebook page, there is a steady stream of nay-sayers.‘His worst album for years - hate to say it - stick to your ballads,’ says one.

They want to do an album which he will be remembered for, a great work which the critics will love - like Johnny Cash did at the end of his career.’There is a sense of orchestrated creative risk about the new album.

As omens go, this launch of Jones’s new direction wasn’t all that promising.

You can’t help but wonder what his legions of fans make of this new puritan image.

Linda has been upset by the dalliances - Jones says she has physically set about him at times - but they still enjoy being married to each other.

Nowadays, Jones claims he is too old for the workbench and ‘pretends to be sexy’ when he is on stage.

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