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In G1, he was portrayed as a baby dragon with green spikes, and his body was pink.

In his G3 incarnation, he was a 1,000-year old dragon with orange spikes, purple hair, and a blue body.

Spike is a fun-loving dragon: he enjoys the welcome party that Pinkie Pie throws for Twilight in Friendship is Magic, part 1, and scarfs down candy in Luna Eclipsed.

In Owl's Well That Ends Well, he feels insecure and jealous when Twilight finds another assistant, Owlowiscious.

2) Dragon through portal doesn’t = same as pony." Lauren Faust said in an interview that she had to fight for Cathy Weseluck to be the voice of Spike, because Hasbro originally wanted him to sound rather gruff and scratchy, similar to Charlie Adler's interpretation of the character in the G1 movies and TV series.

When Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash tell Twilight about Spike's insecurity, she says, "Spike knows he can't be replaced." In Lesson Zero, Spike gets worried as Twilight becomes increasingly nervous about the due date for her friendship report.

In the The Crystal Empire - Part 2, Spike and Twilight find a door enchanted by King Sombra that shows their greatest fears.

To let the audience understand that she is beautiful, Faust made Spike become smitten with her, which developed into his crush on Rarity.

Spike is occasionally sarcastic and sometimes laughs at others' misfortunes, even though he usually means well.

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