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He continued to add particular character to the school, and in 1975 he be- came principal. Croston’s genuine love for his kids and his fair- ness and loyalty to his students and teachers are what made him so popular as a teacher, coach, and principal. From this, we have drawn the theme of our yearbook, which we feel best represents the true nature of the Class of 1995.

It didn’t matter what the student had done, whether an innocent classroom prank in the ’60’s or a pulled-fire alarm in the ’90’s — if you were honest, he was there for you. Croston has been married to his wife, Dolores, for thirty-five years, and he has five children: Patrick, Christina, Timothy, Sean, and Kara. Although we may be a little rough around the edges, both our talent and diversity shine through when one looks “Beneath the Surface.” Under the shell of our undeserved reputation as trouble-makers lies the new generation: spir- ited, sophisticated, and determined.

-J Hetfield TX M & D B/F/F Brian B -GF- Duffy, DH, SK, KM, KS, Big E, JJ, SG, SO, BM, SU, KB, JC-BF, JS, EC, AA, LE, CE, SR, JD, SG, RG, MG, PB, AG. Putnms Pntry w/KD Far- falle-DS NT ML POTO GHB-WAMS?

91-94 FUN YRS LUV YA MR MOJORISIM-RIP-SUE’s Back In The Saddle Again!! -CHL GF: Bk Vf Da Md Sp Sc Kb Cc JIBD Der Mr P OB TGing w/JM JI BL HT Mnplyt Vdk Ice Cream fgt carwsh KOR HR 127 F Blk Study Rds Hm w/ Sweez Jim G BT w/CC Going Shopping BT at wild kingdom w/KB Gd. Ferdinand 431 Swains Pond Ave Ferd I’ll take your life from you! FS-SBT, Mof P, Fto B, PL, WHS, FWTBT, TFH, B, AIE Tiffany L. It isn’t enough to be good when you dream of being great Nvr 4get sumr 92 93 94 Cal w/JD D M GT w/R J HH w/AL Bch Bums UFO JL 3 6s.

GF: CG, TC, KC, JC, SF, JP, MM, HG, E & T GT w/CG 3 YRS Eng-Sphyr (NEM)-Hdance wrk-Whtds the Sstnd 4?

Coburn 36 Cass St Jen The feet may learn the steps but only the spirit can dance.

At last, the Class of 1995 has been recognized for what it really is. 5 6 Profiles I Over the past four years we have collected many fond memories that will be cherished over a life time. ME Zeek Andy New Year’s @ BF’s Arabs Log Spot Self-Esteem JS crazy RO Cold fire BR TX: MOM DAD SCOTT LOVE YA C-YA David H.

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In September of ’72, his hard work and dedication paid off when he was made assis- tant principal of MHS.

Pt Luck, Lanci talk w/Mg Tulip rtes GX’s @ Semi Jr Prom. GF: EA TA JC 2 EC GC SF MH AR JS EW CM JD KC MC CG HG KS TX2 DC EJW JT fr awy bng thr 43 Bblk st E T hs hmptn hr Hiz 93 94 GL JM XC CBI w/D2 Sr Prom 93 w/EJW brk w/CM MH nvr frgt th GT luv ya all Amanda M. Cruise 95 Gd Lk Alicia Thnx so much I Love You MOM, DAD & B' Robert C'uppernell I I Windsor St Rob Susan C. Jr Prom 94, Halloween 94 Y can’t I Shield U NH Crew Mm Cell NY eve Thanks Mom, Dave, Dad, Nan, Pat, Gram, Rest of my family LUV U Gd Lck Ryan Amy C. MOUCH You’re never gonna survive unless you get a little crazy-seal GFWs Sm Kd Cc Sm Jt Tc Nk Ac Jh boys Field H. w/HS softball Cap w/RF Sis’s CO NH “ARE WE IN NAM”. KM Sp Gym Mems Rozht Pmpo Bs VB tosi- tis Pg 74 JLUr LOSA JHALEBS Hngncl house Kpr 127 Opn Cmps KBt IKn Gimp Crush LGT runz hlthkix TX Mom and Dad I LUV U Gdl Bry Michael P.

BK VF SM AK JF Tx For Evrtng J-J-J/GLSR Kp Plagn Dad Srry Ma TX Tolng's DONE Robert J. Best of Luck to everyone BIO li and Chem Junior year All the good times PP People Who think too highly of them- selves Carpe diem Kathryn A. Katie The more I find out the less that I know GF-JLKm 2 Lt Jh Dc Ao Sb Mv Bs Kp Mg Jc 2 Tc Sf E GE T Fun @ BAND = FL-same pic 27 x’s, Bhms-crazy rm TX Mr B, Neva 4get u Mr D GX’s in Maine-Whose B? Cox 339 Upham St Tricia; Duckie; LB A True Friend is a Friend forever; LOVE NEVER FAILS! Daley 504 Swains Pond Ave Life is just one damned thing after another GF Sm 2 Tc Ws Ad 2 Ac Jt 2 Cc Nk Jr 2 Es Db M w/Ef Aw Cc Fx’s @ FH GO BANANAS' SPAIN 94 Rod w/AI Cncrts @ Grt Wds Prtys 'a Kellers Jamn 2VF TCBY Spm & Gx W/Jamie Jr & Sr Prm Nvr 4Get U BUDDHA! Diggin 60 Hawley Rd Under wandering stars I’ve grown, by my- self but not alone GF GT: SS RH TF JD HMS-DS TF Pnk Flyd-DS GL-TX Halown Dnc-MM TF SH AL Hm Wk w/RR-TX AL-Our Se- cret Brefus w/TF JS-Sour Milk Circus w/MM AL TX-Mom Dad (Get Well) Mammy-LUV YA! Blazers, B’s, Celts, and Sox games, Metallica 94, Brkhrt Res., the beach, and night skating at h’town. Doherty 54 Norman Rd Doc Just Have Faith GF = Pm Kc Bq Mp Mm Ms Do BBd Melwak crew GT = NH; ME; Rabs, Hood, VPses, Mits 3000 Gf? " 0-185 Fun w/ LM JL Tx Steve Liz Hes drinking the H20GL EVAN TX MOM DAD Walking non chalantley class President, Jim Quinlan strutts his stuff. Downey 143 East Emerson St Into this house we’re born into this world we’re thrown GF: Mm Jg Kb Ap Mj Cs Jt Tc Cc Lb Nk Jo Jr Js Summers in Hull w/CD & Fst Mb w/Mm Nvr 4get Spain MP AERO-fall HPJ5G w/Jg DD & BF R CLUTCH ALWZ VZ 4 WE in Jg LTD concerts @ GW Green Day NAM BYE-BYE! MSDr WLR Jr Prm prkg lot SS ice crm ft DD didn’t U rd the can! GF-O'B Sam Provo Moe Omar Der Jill-Eh- Bk Jt Cc Ac Tc Sm Ad Ws Kd GT @ Cape Cod W/the fam Poundin' In The Woods Hammersmith Arabs Mt Hood The Jam- my-Jams Wknds.

Misslissa I believe everybody has the ability to com- municate w/apples LStx Sk Ds Jm Km Mgm Cb Aw Tw Md Dl Mp Mv Cj Tc NORWOOD As Db Gp Jpmtx Nc Mr-I Love & hate u (my BIRp Kc) tx G’s C’s M’s Mrs P Mrs L Mr C Mr G Mr F PGP girls?


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