Love and dating customs in romania

It was forbidden to sacrifice the animals from the homesteads and women used to feed them with the best food.According to the local superstitions, people who would participate in this celebration would be protected against sickness for the entire year and women should see a man in order not to remain single all year long.It seems that he is the son of Dochia, a mean women symbolizing the cold winter in Romanian folklore.The day when we celebrate him is an early spring day not by accident, being the time when birds begin to find a mate.Starting with midday, young girls used to start running back home from the forest and, on the way back, all the boys were trying to reach the one they liked.If they were fast enough to catch the wanted girl, they would steal a kiss from her.

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The funny thing about this tradition is the fact that even parents were surprised seeing their sons and daughters’ preferences but, as the saying goes: “Love is blind”, you cannot fight the feeling.Do not be worry, you don’t need a passport or visa (most of all if you’re a European citizen, your ID should be enough), you don’t have to be older than 18, there is no dress code, not even an umbrella is required (we have made all the proper arrangements).Who knows, maybe if you pay attention and you respect the tradition exactly, you will find your special one here. In Romania it is believed that Dragobete is a Dacian God, protector of love, joy and fertility, similar to Eros, the Greek God and Cupid.Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on what Romanian men/women are like? I heard that the men can be quite traditional, possessive, and macho, yet I also heard that they can be extremely caring and have a great sense of humor. Also, in the cities, urban love legends have started to appear.For example, it is said that if you want to find out if your love will be strong, you have to go with your loved one to Bucharest Mask Theatre and to shut together two locks on the fence and then throw the keys in the nearby lake.Later, in the evening, all the people of all ages; single or couples, used to participate in a local traditional dance called the “hora” to celebrate in the proper way this joyful God of love, Dragobete.In this happy atmosphere, allow me to continue telling you some other customs related to this holiday.From here, the young people used to dance and sing heading at the same time to the forest and looking for early snowdrops or other spring flowers which had magical powers for love spells.If it was windy or rainy, they used to all meet at their homes and play games, tell stories, etc.

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