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It’s tough out there in the dating world, especially in this confusing digital age.When you break up, do you defriend the ex on Facebook?These were not questions our grandparents had to ask.However, they all seem relatively stress-free compared to the one Jon Finkel had to ask himself Monday night: when a date goes bad, and she blogs all about it on a famous gossip site, how do you respond?

Do you go for the free Ok Cupid profile or spend a little cash to upgrade to

One company, Lightning Fast Speed Dating, is combining the resurgence of nerdy pastimes and our increasingly single population’s quest for love.

Two years ago, the company launched a convention-specific program geared at fans and enthusiasts 18 and over, promising the potential to “meet your own superhero or shinobi [ninja],” the program, which was free to this year’s 100,000 attendees, was a runaway success.

” Many readers were unhappy with Bereznak’s portrayal of the gaming world.

Even actress Felicia Day came to his defense, “I'm so appalled at this article if he actually didn't know she was gonna post it.

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