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How the dots will line up is anyone's guess, but it will be exciting to watch.

This story originally appeared as This absolute lust for meat on Pacific Standard, an editorial partner site.

His forthcoming book, , offers deeply informed (and admirably accessible) insight into what chimps can tell us about a compendium of human pursuits, ranging from sex, politics, violence, and family to self-care, alpha maleness, social cooperation, and status.

But the one area where the book especially shines is on the topic that's been the main focus of Stanford's work for decades: hunting and eating meat. When Goodall, in the early 1960s, reported a supposedly herbivore chimp devouring a baby bushpig, her colleagues reacted with skepticism. "Not until hunting was seen in numerous other forests," Stanford writes, "did the entire scientific community accept that meat eating is a core aspect of chimpanzee behavior." Stanford now considers hunting "one of the cultural traditions intrinsic to chimpanzee life." And chimps, he reiterates, are omnivores in the same way humans are.

Males comprise around 90 percent of a hunting party.

"Male bonding and male efforts to rise in rank by currying favor with the right higher up" were integral to the hunt, an event that was not exactly planned so much as anticipated by looking for fruit in prime hunting areas while perhaps hoping to encounter some monkeys.

Perceived confidence seemed to play a mediating role, suggesting that attractive men write appealing texts because they are aware of their high mate value.

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In internet dating, individuals with attractive profile photos are viewed more favorably overall, but no research has yet established whether they indeed have more positive qualities.

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Let’s talk about a technique that I believe is very powerful in seduction when used correctly: being ambiguous through conversational mirroring.

We addressed this issue by having 50 women independently rate 100 photos and free-written texts taken from males’ profiles on a popular dating website.

Photos rated as physically attractive had profile texts that were rated as more attractive, even though photos and texts were rated by different judges.

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