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I said no, but then he asked for my phone number and I gave it to him. However, a few months ago I glimpsed a text thread on his phone with his ex-girlfriend from high school, and, upon further investigation, realized that they’ve spoken every few days for what seems to be months.

Additionally, my boyfriend had “silenced” the text thread so that it does not appear on his notifications.

Figure out a way to express your insecurity and fear of betrayal that doesn’t involve going through his phone (and be honest!

You did not “notice it was not plugged in,” you wanted to snoop and you wanted to justify it) or threatening divorce because he’s thought about someone he knows while masturbating.

A: It may be that your teeth-grinding has gotten worse, or it may be that your dentist is being less-than-scrupulously-honest (or less-than-entirely-competent). Getting Genghis Khan–ed: My husband and I are both LGBT supporters. I’m having trouble getting past this, and can’t hear that stupid song (which is misogynistic, anyway) without getting angry.

He’s a great guy I like being with, but knowing this about him just feels weird. Not having dated as a teenager or in college isn’t especially unusual; he’s an outlier, but not an extreme one.

I open it up and there I see a picture of one of his friends in a bikini, zoomed into her body and chest.

I woke him and asked him about it, and he, in a sleepy daze, admitted that he used it earlier in the night to masturbate to. My husband cheated on me over a year ago by kissing one of his co-workers after work. I gave him three days to move out, and said that if he does not comply, I’m taking my daughter on a mommy-daughter trip to give him more time.

We were out together and we ran into my ex-boyfriend.

It was a little awkward, but we got through it fine.

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