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Mutual Attraction doesn’t have such cut-and-dry boundaries, though it’s still fairly elite.Clients tend to be professionals based in London and, as they’re paying a £4,000 fee, there’s an inevitably high proportion of city slicker types. Not everybody who asks Mutual Attraction for help is given dating assistance.Anyone with mainstream interests would be too boring for you.Whether your date is passionate about music, art or theatre, it’s important that they have hobbies outside of accounting.The business of love Mutual Attraction works with 90 clients every three months, and has helped everyone from MPs, bankers and actors to ballerinas and z-list celebrities.Customers pay £4,000 and are set up on at least nine dates over the three months – but who can they expect to date?Of course, a party’s willingness to pay £4,000 to find love may have accelerated the process – but perhaps a professional matchmaker really is the modern equivalent of Cupid ’s bow. a) Glamorous weekend in Dubai b) Trip down to Lake District c) Three weeks backpacking in Vietnam d) A nature retreat How do you spend Saturday morning?

Brealey, who has a degree in psychology and worked for children’s charities before starting the company, says there’s no specific qualification needed to become a matchmaker.

a) Champagne b) Ale c) Home-brewed beer d) Ginger juice Mostly As: You work hard, have a high-powered job and want someone who can keep pace with your ambitions.

You should date someone who’s determined, intelligent and work-focused.

If two people like the look of each other’s profiles, they’re sent on a date.

Brealey does a basic matchmaking interview on me – asking about my life outside work, my schedule and my beliefs.

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