Men dating ladies with large labias

In this case, the labia minora is slightly exposed through the entire length of labia majora. Curtains in that the labia minora are considered "exposed" but also "contained."I'll admit, I'm ashamed to say I was taken aback when first looking at the wide variety of vaginas out there, and I was sad to learn how incredibly uneducated I was about female anatomy in general...especially, ya know, being a female myself and all. Of course, the sooner we can normalize women's health and bodies for men AND women, the better.

Whether it's her self-perceived chubby ankles, her long labia, or her underarms, there's always something she thinks she should feel bad about.

As in, it just hangs out the bottom of their vaginas? Before we jump into the images and descriptions below, one important thing to understand is that society tends to refer to the entire female pubic area as the "vagina," when really, the vagina only describes the This is what most people think of when they picture a vagina, and contrastingly, Mel says it's also the most uncommon. Barbie, the labia minora (the inner lips) are completely contained by the labia majora (the outer lips), and both sets of lips rest up against the pelvic bone. Curtains, the labia minora extend past the labia majora.

And depending on the person, they may stick out a lot or just a little bit. Barbie, but the distinction is in how close the lips hang to the pubic bone. Puffs, they sit much lower and can be either full and puffed up or thin and loose.

It's all fun and games until you make your vagina super-angry and you're curled up in a ball wishing you'd never treated her poorly.

What some women may not understand is that the vagina is extremely sensitive to some of these customs.

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