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Its a step above Windows Defender in that it helps protect the computer from malware, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits and viruses.

Microsoft Security Essentials was launched as a better version of Windows Live One Care.

BTW in normal use, MSE should be updating automatically anyway, set it for daily scans.

You might try changing from auto update to 'let me decide' before install and wait a few days to see if there is a problem highlighted.

You can download the latest copy of Microsoft Security Essentials from here.

Microsoft Security Essentials is an antivirus software from Microsoft, and is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8.

I even went to and then went to windows update and started and restarted it. I would uninstall MSE (and then reinstall and update in the normal way).

I am thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling again. LEECAD, this does happen when a load of MS updates occur.

You may receive this error while using MSE on Windows 7 or even when running Windows Update on Windows 10/8/7. Be careful you download the correct version for your computer.If you’re not sure if you have 32bit or 64bit, right-click “Computer” (on the start menu) and choose “Properties”.[Microsoft Security Essentials - MSE - Windows Wally] Since Microsoft Security Essentials relies on Microsoft Update, problems related to updates are usually solved when you fix Internet Explorer settings.To follow these instructions, you may need to install another web browser and open this web page there, print it out, or write the instructions down.After that, Leo advises going to ESET and run their free online scanner.If all that comes up clean, then Leo advises running Eset's Services Fixer. Else you could also run Windows Update in Clean Boot State and see if that works for you.Tip in tip: How to manually update Microsoft Security Essentials.Since that day, I have tried to update MSE numerous times but get a reading that it could not install updates because of internet or network connectivity problems. This happens to a lot of people — so much so that Microsoft has a special page where you can download the updates manually.I then used the “help” link in MSE to read about my problem and get a resolution to no avail. And since this recently happened to me too, I had the page handy.

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