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“Sharleen, who is on the show right now, has given (Juan Pablo) a million red flags with her body language, for sure, but also just things she said.I mean, he has a daughter and last week they had a conversation when we were in Vietnam and she flat out told him ‘Yeah, the last person I dated was a single dad and I couldn’t handle it, I’m not ready for that,’” Harrison says. And I know we all get caught up sometimes in chemistry and beauty and all that, so you kind of quit listening and you think whatever they say is fine and you can fix it, but if you’re a single dad and someone said ‘I can’t handle that,’ you’re not going to go anywhere.“Being able to put yourself out there and be open to not just what you’re usually looking for, but be open to meeting everyone,” Harrison says.“That’s something I see a lot on our show, someone will come in and on a basic level say ‘I usually date Southern blondes,’ or whatever, and inevitably they thank us for introducing them to people that they normally wouldn’t have dated.” Unlike Harrison, Patti Stanger, the host of “Millionaire Matchmaker” considers L. as one of the better dating scenes thanks to demographics — equal numbers of men and women.Expert Chris Stelmack, CEO and Chief Matchmaker with the 4M Club, weighs in on this matter.“Don’t be paranoid around your lover, but always be observant,” says Stelmack. If you lost all your fortune tomorrow, would she be right by your side offering to help you get back on your feet, or would she run?For men to meet women, Stanger recommends yoga studios or athletic clubs. At the end of the date, if you like her, you give her a little peck on the cheek and say ‘How about we do this again Tuesday?But she also says finding someone isn’t necessarily the problem — it’s getting the nerve to actually approach someone, which she says is easier than men think. ’ We’ll know that A: You’re chivalrous; B: You’re not cheap; and C: You’re interested,” Stanger says. “After the date, how about you call and see if she got home OK? ’” And while on the date, neither the man nor the woman should ever talk about their exes or past dates because it will end up making the other person feel not special; and it can also feel a tad narcissistic, she says.

Like anyone else, they want to be loved for their charming self and not the last Mercedes they bought.“I think Sean (Season 17’s bachelor) is a perfect example of that…he knew exactly what he was looking for and he found his perfect match in Catherine. It’s high season for reality dating shows “The Bachelor” and “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” where the lonely hearts are lovely and the rendezvous extravagant.And now, after years of playing Cupid in Southern California, the hosts of the two popular shows are sharing their secrets to help would-be Valentines put down the remote and get into a relationship.Whereas some of those other girls seemed like a good option, really they weren’t for his life.” Harrison, who lives in the Los Angeles area and films part of the show here, says the city’s dating scene is the toughest he’s ever experienced, in part because of its sprawling borders and multiple events that make it seem less personable than other cities.Which is why he says it’s important for people on and off screen to put themselves out there.Continuing to do those fun and exciting activities will help keep the relationship fresh.Putting too much pressure on yourself to find a relationship can set you up for failure, he says. “If you’re not in your scene, you’re not going to meet someone you find interesting.So I think a lot of people need to make it simple and listen and pay attention.” Harrison’s advice isn’t just for singles.He says those in committed relationships, married or otherwise, need to continue dating and not let their busy lives get in the way of remembering the things they used to enjoy doing together.

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