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Collins disputes that the stone shards at the site show signs of human manipulation.

Placing of the pre Clovis artifacts at Topper (in red).

We’re talking about a very rapid movement of people around the globe.” Schurr said that conclusive evidence of stone tools similar to those in Asia and uncontaminated radiocarbon dating samples are needed to verify that the Topper site is actually 50,000 years old.

“If dating is confirmed, then it really does have a significant impact on our previous understanding of New World colonization,” he said.

But whether the Topper site proves valid, Collins said most archeologists now believe people settled in America before 13,000 years ago, refuting a theory that has held sway for 75 years.

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Goodyear has been excavating the Topper dig site along the Savannah River since the 1980s.

One of the most fascinating yet mysterious cultures of the ancient world is the Harappan civilization.

This culture existed along the Indus River in present day Pakistan.

The tools were fashioned from a substance called chert, a flint-like stone found in the region.

Goodyear and his colleagues began their dig at the Topper Site in the early 1980s with the goal of finding out more about the Clovis people.

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