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The real way out of the foreclosure mess is (a) reverse the wrongful foreclosures (even if you want to narrow them down to those in which the borrower actually owes money and can’t pay it) and (b) stopping any future foreclosures by strangers to the transactions that are based upon false declarations in fabricated documents identifying the wrong parties, and omitting key elements of the terms of repayment. Give back what was stolen in money, property, and reputation (credit scores etc.) and the whole country will have its middle class restored with money to spend in our consumer driven economy. Citigroup agreed to pay 8.3 million to settle the claims, and admitted that it certified loans for FHA backing that didn’t qualify.

Instead of reporting the defects to the Federal Housing Administration, the bank saddled the agency with losses by falsely declaring the loans fit for its federal insurance program, according to a complaint filed yesterday by the U. Hunt, who filed a sealed lawsuit against New York-based Citigroup in August that the government joined, will collect million of that sum — before taxes and attorney’s fees — as a whistle-blower, she said in an interview yesterday.

And for theoretical purposes supposing the answer from the borrower is yes, he did borrow the money but he now knows he never was told (a) the identity of the creditor nor (b) the rest of the terms of repayment contained in the closing with the investor. ” Your answer should be that I made all payments that were due.

The parties here owe both me and the lender credits and refunds.

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The gym inside Churchland High School exploded with cheers when it became apparent Eastern View’s wrestling team had beaten the odds and Fauquier High School Saturday evening winning the first state championship in the Culpeper County schools’ 10-year history. He laments in his commentary on 287(g) that Governor Northam was mainly elected by Northern Virginians and a few other small areas.

The point being here that you want the Judge’s head turning left to see the homeowner’s closing documents and right to see the investor closing.

Do it a few times until he gets the fact that you have to look at both in order to know the terms of the transaction in which the investors loaned the borrower money.

Major periods of interaction between Russian Orthodox Church and Russian secondary school are specified.

We have analyzed the situation in several regions where Orthodox education encountered resistance from the representatives of other religions.

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