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We are investigating ways to improve the migration path to the web for developers that depend on exclusive Chrome App APIs - in particular the Sockets, HID, file System and Serial APIs.

If there are web platform features you need that are only available in select browsers, you can use feature detection to gracefully degrade or include explanatory text when your app is run in a browser that doesn’t support a particular API.

Running each of these web apps in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain.

Fluid lets you create a Real Mac App (or "Fluid App") out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into OS X desktop apps.

For some apps, this might be a good enough user experience to be a viable solution. Users that do not use Chrome will not be supported, and there will be significant friction for your users to install your extension.

However, if you are a long-time Fluid user, you will need to download Fluid 1.8.6 and re-create the Fluid Apps you created with prior versions of Fluid.Building a web app is typically preferable to this, because this approach forces users to install an extension that is only useful on your site and can cause increased friction.As Chrome extensions can’t be run on other browsers, you should detect when required functionality isn’t available and provide explanatory text for users on these other browsers.Important: Chrome will be removing support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, Chrome and the Web Store will continue to support extensions on all platforms.Read the announcement and learn more about migrating your app.This transition does not apply to Chrome OS, where Chrome packaged and hosted apps will remain supported and maintained for the foreseeable future.To transition away from a Chrome packaged or hosted app on Windows, Mac, and Linux, the following options are available.Due to a one-time issue, Auto-Updating prior Fluid Apps will not work for this update.In the future, Auto-Updating the individual Fluid Apps you've created will once again work as expected.We recommend updating your app to include a message indicating that your app has been discontinued, and that users should visit your website going forward (see example below).You can also include an “uninstall” button that calls the uninstall Self function.

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