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i will tie u r hands softly so that it will be easy for u to concentrate.

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Then someone got my another hand down which I was holding up until now with a hand bag. They were playing nicely with my boobs and I enjoyed it fully. two fingers were inserted into my pussy and I was getting fingered. I was completely turned on now and I know that this will be a hard day for me. But no one can notice me as I was surrounded by those 10 guys. Everyone’s cock is fully erected and wants to fuck me hard. i think he is trying to sneak any kind of cleavage from aboveside.

After a few seconds I was feeling something was hitting my ass crack. If I move one step it will be completely off from my body. Then the guy who was rubbing my waist taken that as advantage and pulled my saree. Suddenly I felt some one from behind is removing my petticoat knot. " it feels nice....hemaji..." " yess....." mom replied softly. after ten minutes of soft massaging, he moved towards head of my mom.

Then he suddenly pulled my petty coat down and now I was with my panty. A guy from front then unbuttoned my blouse and my bra within seconds. Now I got courage and got a searched for a big cock around me. I unzipped the pant and got the cock out from the boxers of that person. But the bus reached the garage and all have to get down. The 5 boys I saw in the bus stop were there and some other guys who are standing in front of me were there. now he is standing on back side of single bed and massagin head from there.

I was facing those 5 boys at that time and they all saw that. Now I reacted and turned my head and those hands were from the 5 member gang. Then within a few seconds he ejaculated his sperms into my mouth. One from behind, one into my mouth and two into my pussy. Then I asked the guy with big cock to fuck me so that I can have a great pleasure. But until now I haven’t noticed any of those guys again. Author: RAMAN MERA NAAM RAMAN HAI, ,this goes back 2years my father was abroad me and mom were at home I was in college .

But I immediately got the saree and placed it around my shoulder and I’ve rolled it around my waist for safety. After sometime some hand was rubbing my waist so lightly. It was full of sweat as there is no air circulation. Until this time they were the one doing these things. Now I sensed that I was about the get a orgasm, but before that the remaining guys all blown their sperms into me at the same time. In fact I was waiting for his cock to be inserted in my pussy. after sometime passed I was in habit of watching ladies wit big boobs I use to masturbate a lot as my college was college was closed I use to stay in home one day Read more… " yes hemaji..trying to concentrate...." he said clamly. " oooo...." mom moaned as oil hit her forehead with surprise.

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