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She started having this fantasy lately, so she experimented with it on her trip.

I told her I would of expected her to fantasize about a young, muscled black guy.

It didn't shock me that it was a porn site because we always watch it.

What was surprising was that the video she was watching was older black men fucking younger white women.

The site features include a group chat room, private messaging system, instant messenger, photo albums, vides albums, virtual gifts, flirts and advanced search features.Katie didn't wear a bra because the dress was so tight, it pushed her firm boobs together nicely. We went downstairs to the banquet room for the reception. Apparently our old friends had a good amount of black friends since we last hung out. We found our table and we sat with two black couples. Shirley laughed and told us that was fine with her because she certainly can't go out there.The couples were older and I guessed them to be around upper 50's. Clinton met up with Katie and they started dancing. She works out during the week and does yoga regularly. This keeps me physically and mentally not in the mood sometimes.When I am not in the mood for sex, she regularly will watch porn and use her toys.I took hold of the dildo and withdrew it almost all the way from inside her. Katie was really into this so I went a step further. I only cum inside her on the safe time of the month.I started role playing and talking dirty to her like I was a black guy. Usually I wear a condom because we were not ready for kids yet.Now I was curious so I looked inside her suitcase and found a black dildo. When Katie came home I mentioned the porn site with black guys on her computer along with the black dildo. I told her no, but surprised because she has never shared this fantasy with me before.Katie told me she just got the dildo before her trip.I didn't expect it to be an old, grey haired black guy with a beer gut.Katie told me the young guys don't turn her on like the old guys do. Katie and I have never had kids yet because of our jobs.

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