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“You've got another five seconds,” he told Johnny Rotten and company. Though the band started out as an elaborate Situationist-inspired performance art piece dreamed up by megalomaniac manager Malcolm Mc Laren, they evolved beyond just being a stunt.Their music was loud, aggressive and gleefully nihilist with lines like “And I wanna be anarchist, I get pissed, destroy!After the punch, he let his nose bleed and soon he was covered in blood. “The bass player rubbed blood over his face and chest,” wrote the , “so that he looked like a demented cannibal.” “Sid was really fucked up. “He played for a while without his guitar plugged in. I think somebody threw it up there, a bass or something. The people in charge will rent out a wooded area, and most of the time its a weekend sleepover thing. When the gaming is over, you can talk to the girl you like for real- remember to establish OOC! If she’s hot and likes LARPing, you may have a serious find. Now, ladies who shop around at the store could be looking for themselves or for another.

Geek Squad- Now I know that it’s radically expensive and can be a sausage fest, but if you’re lucky enough to meet a girl, she’s guaranteed to have money and she’ll probably be super hot, because hello, nerds are hiring her. A woman who can fix YOUR computer, that’s up there with a lady who likes to make your sandwiches during your Sunday night raids, yes please!

The only real question is, do you think tuition is a good price for finding the girl of your dreams? Online Forums, Such as Discussion Boards of the Latest Nerd Movies and Role Playing Games- Forums sit at the same level as MMORPG chat rooms, the biggest difference is that forums tend to be slow, you post, F5 the page for the next week, then realize that it was a bot that posted those awesome ideas last week, FAIL.

Meet up with amazing personalities and their screen name or facebook to step it up to the next level.

“I see that we have a whole section of the silent majority around there,” he sneered. ” Rotten wearily said on stage in San Francisco, the Sex Pistol’s final concert, before walking off stage and quitting the band.

As the band worked its way through the set list, culminating in a blistering rendition of “Anarchy in the U. Vicious was dead a year later from a heroin overdose.

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  1. Bellisario, 28, and Adams, 32, who first met while performing in a play back in 2009, have been dating for three years. Possibly alluding to a big life change, Bellisario hinted, "We're actually right now in the middle of a big adventure, but I have a feeling it's going to take a lot longer than just a vacation." PHOTOS: Young Hollywood's hottest stars Both stars of their respective successful TV shows, Bellisario told Us that they compare notes.