Online dating acronyms

Usually, these terms describe some behaviour that you knew existed, but that you never knew there was a word for (see: ghosting, benching, and tuning).

With so many new dating terms cropping up, it can be hard to keep them straight, so Attractive World is here to help.

One of the biggest dating terms for 2017, cushioning takes benching and somehow makes it worse.

That’s because cushioning (or ‘layby’) is benching done by those in serious relationships.

An Australian winter might not be the coldest, but it’s still the time of year when you’d rather snuggle up than hit the town. Running from autumn to winter, cuffing season is the time of year when avowed singles suddenly find themselves longing to be (figuratively! If you’re invited over for Netflix and chill you both pretend you’re heading round to ‘watch Netflix’ – but you can safely assume that there won’t be a lot of actual movie watching going on, if you know what we mean. Three of the most common dating acronyms, DTF, DTR, and FBO can help chart the stages of a romance.A few days later they’re following you on Instagram. Haunting is when a ‘ghost’ from your dating past floats around your online life without ever crossing over into actual contact.It’s confusing as hell, so you’re being haunted, who you gonna call? The close cousin to haunting, zombieing also involves the return of a relationship you thought was dead.’ and then you’ll need to DTR (define the relationship).If that goes well, you can follow up by making it FBO (Facebook official).’ (and it’s really a cleavage shot), that’s a thirst trap.When a guy posts a photo of himself at the gym, and captions it ‘gym life #workhardplayhard’ (and he’s working out shirtless, for some reason), that’s a thirst trap.They can’t bear the thought of being single so they employ a bench of ‘safety cushions’ – aka people they’re breadcrumbing. The guys who start Whats App conversations with a ‘you up? The dudes who’ll never say that you’re dating – instead you’re ‘hanging out’. It’s a favourite f*ckboy pastime, but catch and release is by no means just done by men.That way, they'll have a back up if things go south with their main squeeze. The bros who love shirtless selfies almost as much as they love dick pics and smirking emojis. And no, it’s nothing to do with US immigration policy.We’ve made a glossary of some of 2017’s most popular dating slang.If you want to know your cuffing from your cushioning, start right here: A dating slang term that’s gone legit (it’s even in the dictionary! But, in case you’re lucky enough to have never been ghosted, here’s the lowdown: ghosting is when someone you’re dating cuts off all contact with no explanation. Note, ghosting is when this cut-off happened super abruptly – if they instead withdrew piece by piece you experienced the slow-fade. Then, late one night, you see they’ve watched your Snapchat story.

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