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Los Tamarindos' fields and packing plant are 100% Organic according to food producers and packing agents, guaranteeing consumers that the products meet international standards in each step of the process.

It is a known fact that the demand for 100% Organic Food is far exceeding the supply available, as U. sales in this dynamic sector have quadrupled in the last decade.

Being a wine connoisseur and Chef de Cuisine his service is second to none.

Our commitment to our planet led us to switch to foods produced using animal farming methods that are also environmentally friendly therefore we are a very active producer of 100% Organic Produce in Los Cabos, providing over a hundred varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs from its fields for local restaurants as well as exporting herbs and vegetables to the United States.Thank you for visiting us, if you have any questions send us en e-mail at [email protected] we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.Harvey Weinstein was once at the very top of Hollywood.GABRIEL CASTILLO Originally from Santiago in Baja, Chef Gabriel has the region's flavors in his blood.With over 14 years of experience creating Mexican Mediterranean Cuisine he has delivered his magic in extraordinary Los Cabos restaurants, including Tequila Restaurant, also owned by Chef Enrique Silva, Villas Del Mar and El Pedregal.Students will spend approximately 30 minutes in the field gathering their ingredients.From the fields students will head up to the ranch house to wash their hands and gather around the kitchen's central island for a talk with the chef.In La Paz, he has worked at Divina Uva and Pargos Restaurant.PIETRO GIOCO Born in Verona, Italy, he grew up in the family ristorante, open since 1928 and learning from his uncle, famous chef in town.Here are some awesome images from adventures at the farm!Thank you for creating these memories with us by posting your very own immersive experiences.

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