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Geochemical evidence of the seasonality, affinity and pigmenation of , 10(6), 1-7, e0128107.

The geometry of taking flight: limb morphometrics in Cretaceous theropods.

Visulisation of development ossification using trace element mapping.

P., van Veelen, A., Buckley, M., Jeynes, C., Barden, H.

Spatial preservation of bioaccumulated metals in 50 million year old fossil leaves, Royal Society of Chemistry, 8(10): e78733.

His research has led to significant developments that have had a sustained impact on synchrotron users from multiple disciplines. Manning has focussed his research and teaching in support of his outreach to wider audiences to further develop the public engagement of science. Manning has established an international research network, including collaborations with colleagues at Stanford University (USA), University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of Oxford (UK), American Museum of Natural History (USA), Memorial University (Canada) and the University of Manchester (UK).

These research collaborations have further strengthened and maintained Dr, Manning’s research productivity, whilst sustaining its impact to a wide audience, especially through his media work and public lectures. 2015-present Extraordinary Visiting Scientist, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, USA. 2010-present Honorary Research Scientist, Zhucheng Museum, Shandong Province, China. 2013) one of the most prestigious awards in higher education in the UK was awarded to the University of Manchester in November 2013. Manning was part of the team that prepared the application for the award, integrating science and outreach.

Science in Society Fellow (2014-2018), Science and Technology Facilities Research Council (UK). Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2011 (December 2011), .

Distinguished Lecturer (2014-2015), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). Royal Opening of Exhibition (June 2000), at the Yorkshire Museum York.

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