Provocative questions dating

Before our trips to his hometown, I wish I’d asked for a conversation about what was expected of me financially.

Two Christmases ago, I made these sweet little cards for each member of his family.

In all these situations, instead of making a decision I could respect, I chose to be, first and foremost, a girlfriend — a quiet, indistinct, likable girlfriend.

I said nothing because an evening with friends had to go smoothly.

I would sob afterwards in his car, in his room, drilled down to my core by a feeling I couldn’t define. I have learned from her and the men who hurt her that I can’t ask too much of my partners.

He credits me proudly and consistently for all my emotional labor.

Up until this past fall, my lack of money made me anxious.

My partner was making as much as me, while my friends were crowdfunding for their healthcare, and my siblings were being evicted from their childhood home.

I spent a decade of my life starving myself and imagining myself dead.

And once, his friends were cackling over an i Phone screen, and when the phone reached me, all I saw was the Tinder photo of a genderqueer person.

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