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Click here for an internet archived copy) that as many as 30 million Americans could be at risk for developing cancer due to polio vaccine tainted with Simian Virus 40 (SV40) found in some species of monkey.

This story is not new – many of of us who thoroughly researched the vaccination issue before choosing whether or not to immunize were already aware of this fact years ago.

Meanwhile, doctors hired by the government to testify in defense of vaccines have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.” Thanks to the inside view provided by the AP report, Carrey’s views and concerns on this controversial public health topic are not too hard to understand.“I don’t think its crazy to be suspicious when these companies receive guaranteed revenue streams from politicians they have spent billions trying to influence.” Carrey goes on to discuss additional aspects of the vaccine and public health sphere that are not so forthcoming and trustworthy including the often dubious practices of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) who he says operates a ‘revolving door’ that ‘spins in perpetuitiy.’ A recent whistleblower rose from the CDS, a man named Dr. Thompson admitted that numbers had been purposely altered in a study he had worked on in order to falsely claim that a lower number than reality of black children had been harmed by a certain vaccine.

Documents regarding the falsehoods knowingly present in this study were provided to Congressman Bill Posey’s office, “Congressman Bill Posey’s office has confirmed exclusively to that a ‘very large number’ of documents have been turned over by CDC scientist, Dr.

Getting horses out of the streets, improved sanitation, clean running water in the home, availability of produce year round and other improvements of modern technology and food distribution provide more protection from widespread epidemics than tainted vaccines, thank you very much.

The CDC posted on its own website (which was taken down shortly after this post went viral.

I’ll take my chances with a strong immune system maintained with Traditional Diet and the fact that epidemics were already on their way out before vaccines were introduced anyway (see chart above – other communicable diseases follow the same graphical pattern regardless of whether there was a vaccine for them or not.

Click herefor more graphs to help you get your head out of the sand).

Jim Carrey finishes by saying, “I haven’t lost my sense of humor folks.

It’s just buried under the rubble that was once my faith in government oversight.

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