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I casually remarked to a wing commander’s wife that I might wear a sharp trouser suit to an annual reception and she turned to me with a look of incredulity on her face.You might think that life as a military wife is glamorous but, as I very quickly found, it is a small-minded world which is ruled by the RCWs – or ‘rank-conscious wives’ – and their snobbish armoury of petty humiliations.Read more 12 October 2017 Royal Air Force personnel have been put through testing training over Oman since the beginning of October as 6 Squadron from RAF Lossiemouth conduct exercises with the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO).It was the moment that I began to realise what I’d let myself in for.Perhaps I got off on the wrong foot when I first entered RAF society.Then, still in my early 20s and with a slim figure, I attended a fancy dress party in a nurse’s outfit without knowing that there would be 50 or so genuine nurses in attendance that night, including the wife of Paul’s boss. But Paul always said that I was a breath of fresh air and we married in 1997 in a full-blown military ceremony.Jets are scrambled by the RAF and allies in Germany, Portugal and Turkey after the 'unusual' spike in activity, which saw two giant Tu-95 Bear H bombers fly close to Britain As well as defending British airspace, RAF jets have been deployed elsewhere in Europe - earlier this week two Typhoon fighter jets deployed north of Estonia had to escort an II-20 Coot reconnaissance plane out of Nato’s area of interest.

Tensions between the west and Moscow have been frosty in recent months amid allegations Russia attempted to subvert democratic votes, including Britain's EU referendum and the 2016 US election.

These dramatic air-to-air images show British and French jets practising their dog-fighting skills in the skies above northern England.

State-of-the-art RAF Typhoons and French Air Force (FAF) Mirages took to the air together as part of Exercise Capable Eagle The Typhoons tailed a British Voyager aircraft off Caithness, northern Scotland, at around 30,000ft this morning, air traffic monitors showed.

The Voyager – a specialist air-to-air refuelling aircraft – headed southwards with the jets in tow after taking off from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

After looping around John O' Groats, the fleet made its way south towards the Netherlands at around 10am.

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