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Under the hood, Rho Studio invokes the command-line tool, so both approaches are equivalent.

Together with the model class itself, the generator will output a default set of views that you can customize as needed.

What I was getting at is if you trigger a true index rebuild from the app, it's fine until you get updates that hit such that the indexer is still rebuilding when the next update comes in.

In your configuration you add a new block for the distribution index, which points to the local and the remote indexes.

Thank you so much for the help and sorry if I'm really slow here!Every call the app itself makes to Sphinx needs to point at that distributed index.However, in terms of indexer calls though, you don't need to change a thing.Depending on how complete the indexes are on A1/A2 right now there's no reason you couldn't make them distributed as-is.Tell A1's Sphinx that A2 is an agent and tell A2 the opposite, and get them to call each other as clients.As for the query part, the distributed query will be in precisely the same format, all you're doing is changing the name of the index in question as far as the app is concerned. I think the indexer is only called to update the delta indexes from the app; i.e.it only indexes rows in the database with boolean column 'delta' = 1 Is that possible?Or is that what you're talking about in terms of scaling issues? if I update a record through my web interface, and then search through the web interface, the delta updates will be reflected in the search results right away.If you're using Update Attributes that's not a rebuild of index, that's an update in-situ which is something else altogether.The generator outputs Property Bag models by default; that is why there is no mention of the attributes in the generated model file, Property Bag does not require them.For a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, see Using the local database.

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