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If so, it’s important to take effective action promptly. Currently only one claimant in four appeals a sanction.This is far too few, because the statistics show that the success rate of appeals is currently over 50 per cent.The government's aim is to streamline the benefits system making it easier to understand, improve work incentives, make it easier for claimant's to move in and out of work, tackle poverty amongst low income families, encourage responsibilty, and reduce the scope for error and fraud.Universal Credit was first introduced in 2013 for a limited group of claimants on certain areas in the GB - on the Live / Gateway service.Universal Credit is a new benefit which is replacing means-tested social security benefits and tax credits for working age individuals and families.The pages of this website provide a comprehensive overview of Universal Credit - together with commentary and tools to ensure any problems the introduction of Universal Credit is causing are kept to a minimum.

If you ask for a written statement, you get an extra two weeks (14 days) to lodge your appeal.Some other points 1) JSA or ESA claimant and sanctioned?Are you a JSA/ESA claimant and have you been sanctioned?The sooner Parliament faces up to the scale of abuse in the system, the sooner it will be reformed.6) Hardship payments Even if you are sanctioned, you may still be entitled to ‘hardship payments’.Should the DWP telephone and ask you whether you are going to request reconsideration, you should state that you are considering appealing and you will only be responding in writing.Giving your appeal reasons by telephone risks misinterpretation by the DWP or – worse – you might give the DWP information that appears to support its decision to sanction.Currently, only one sanctioned claimant in a hundred seeks advice from them.If you can’t get to the CAB, then ask whoever you know who you think can help you the best.5) Complain to your MP If you have been treated unreasonably, then you should make a point of complaining to your MP ( and insisting that they should fight your case on your behalf.There is no evidence on how many sanctioned claimants are going to their MP, but there is a lot of evidence that the DWP is very afraid of MPs and that once they are involved, it backs off imposing sanctions.

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