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However, if you do use a tablet as your main portfolio, that’s just fine, but don’t load up your gallery with 500 images just because you can.

Keep it concise, just like you would a printed portfolio.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people bringing i Pads, but they aren’t using them as their primary presentation tool.

Instead, they’re using them to supplement their thought-out printed books.

First of all, give yourself time to build a portfolio you’ll be proud to show.

Photographers will sometimes trot out their newest work, “Just shot this on Friday!

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And don’t get defensive if someone criticizes your work.This is an approach I have always encouraged, and I was glad to see so many people agreed.It’s a good way to keep an ace up your sleeve if a client shows interest in a particular kind of work; or if you have the time, to show your latest projects.Sometimes, at the end of the meeting, photographers will present me with a range of choices, or hand me an image that they saw me linger on, which I like.It’s always good to have a few different options to appeal to different tastes.I managed to wear a shirt with buttons and sleeves on it, I bet you have one too. True, you don’t want to worry about coffee breath when you’re cozied up at a very small table, but maybe think about a pre-meeting mint instead.Don’t come to reviews with a laptop running Bridge. For those unfamiliar with the premise, NYCFotoworks is a portfolio review where photographers rotate through a room full of art buyers, agents and other photo industry experts for brief, one-on-one meetings.I’ve done a lot of these “speed dating” type reviews over the years (ASMP and APA host them, and Palm Springs Photo Festival is also having one in October), and I’d like to share some thoughts about how you should prepare for them, and what you should and shouldn’t expect from your meetings.” Which can be great, but more often than not it can just feel tacked on or unpolished.Take the time to create a thoughtful, concise edit, and prioritize a strong overall presentation rather than squeezing out that last project right before your reviews.

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