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This is the way it has always been since the world decided to revolve around corporations and then came the stock markets.

Now, we can share the future Ascension Age as the Golden Age of Cosmology and the NEW AGE ACE FOLKLIFE will share our cultural refinements that include the changes to be made in politics and religions.

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It is not fair and there has to be some changes made in the world of corporate power and greed.

Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, Omegaverse.

The Golden Age of Cosmology is shared with the ACE Folklife common folk of the world.

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If you use any written information or images for research, please reference it and its URL: us, TJ Morris Administration on the other hand is made to not be political because of the fact that bureaucratic administration is strictly the execution of laws and policy that has already been enacted.

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