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Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast The Contributions of Saint-Denis, Oliván and Le Maire by Jack Jackson, Robert S.

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This book Consists of Part I (1727) and Part 11(1747) of The History of the Five Indian Nations, by Cadwallader Colden.

By focusing on the life of one woman, Craven brings to light the thoughts, emotions, and attitudes of Louisianians (and other southerners) during this period. At the outbreak of the Mexican War he borrowed money, purchased wagons, and entered the Santa Fe trade.

Rachel of Old Louisiana is a significant addition to the literature on the Old South. François Xavier Aubry (Aubrey) [1824-1854], explorer and merchant, was born near Maskinongé, Quebec, on December 3, 1824, to Joseph and Magdeleine (Lupien) Aubry. He became very successful and was noted for his efficiency and reliability. Louis were accomplished so quickly and accompanied by such dangers that he received much publicity in the nation's press. 21, 1813, was the illegitimate son of a French exile and a Virginia aristocrat.

He kept journals of most of his trips, and these were printed in papers from St. He was an explorer, scientist, military governor of California, U. Senator, and, first Republican candidate for President.

Between 1842-1853, he mapped and described more of the American West than the famous expedition headed by Meriwether & William Clark.

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